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Re: Hard-coded Churro legacy

On Tuesday 03 June 2014, at 13:41 +0200, Martin Eberhard Schauer wrote:


>  * In (1) the "information about previous translation" form is empty.

I don't see it empty. Are you using Iceweasel? it could be Iceweasel
blocking the page, it does it for me (until I allow it) due to the data
in the form being from a http while the page is https. If it is so you
should see a shield in the location bar of Iceweasel (pls forgive me if
I am stating the obvious).

..and of course maybe you meant that this hard-codind of Churro is what
causes Iceweasel to block the page content.

>  * The translation statistics at (2) pretend that at present there are no
>    active translations.

This has started only recently (2015-05-25). Shouldn't it have started
much earlier if the problem was the moving of Churro? 

As you see I don't have answers, but only more questions :)

And as Joe said, we are indeed a bit used to DDTSS misbehavings.

Thanks for checking on things and keeping on working on everything DDTP


> 1: http://ddtp.kleptog.org/ddtss/index.cgi/de/forreview/syslinux?1401282102

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