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Re: [DDTSS] Error: Account not active yet

There's something wrong with the mail system but I haven't worked out
what yet. Test messages work, but apparently other things do not...
I'll see if I can work it out.

Have a nice day,

On 21 December 2012 18:16, beatrice <beatricet@libero.it> wrote:
> Hi all!
> After the DDTSS system got back online we (Italian team) had a couple of
> new translators that tried to create an account on the system to start
> helping with the translation effort (we disabled anonymous work for our
> language).
> They were able to create an account, but they cannot use it.
> What I have been told by the person who created an account named
> "Giuliano" is that he keeps receiving a message stating "Account not
> active yet", when trying to login.
> As an admin for my language, I can see in the Teamlist that indeed in
> the column active he has a value of "0" instead of "1" (and so do some
> others).
> Is there a way to fix this?
> Thanks,
> beatrice
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