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Re: pybit 0.4.0-1: template review

Quoting Justin B Rye (jbr@edlug.org.uk):

>  Template: pybit-client/missingid
>  Type: note
> -_Description: Client id string cannot be empty!
> - Any client with an empty clientid (or a clientid which matches an
> - existing clientid) will fail to start.
> +_Description: Client-ID string cannot be empty!
> + This client will fail to start until it receives a unique client-ID.

I usually recommend avoiding exclamation marks as they carry an
"emotional" touch which I think doesn't fit with the neutral and
factual tone we should use in user interaction. But that's your call
and, doh, the new call for translation has already been sent.

>  Template: pybit-client/missinghost
>  Type: note
> -_Description: RabbitMQ host is empty!
> - Any client with a missing rabbitmq host will not receive any
> - messages from the queue and will not build any packages.
> +_Description: Missing RabbitMQ hostname!
> + This client will not receive any messages from the queue and will
> + not build any packages until a RabbitMQ host is specified.
>   .
>   Please edit /etc/pybit/client/client.conf after configuration.

Same here.

>  Template: pybit-client/defaultdput
>  Type: note
> -_Description: dput destination cannot be empty!
> +_Description: Missing dput destination!
>   pybit-client is not intended to upload to unspecified dput
>   destinations like ftp-master.debian.org and does not currently
>   support GnuPG signed uploads.

And here

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