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Re: RRD graphs of l10n stats over time moved to i18n.debian.org

Hi Christian,

Dňa Sun, 12 Aug 2012 17:30:38 +0200 Christian PERRIER <bubulle@debian.org>

> > One another question, about Compendium...
> Compendia is an old work bu Eddy Petrisor, which is mostly not longer
> maintained. So contributions are very welcomed. As I wrote, nearly
> everything is now in debian-l10n git repository, so it makes
> contributions quite easy.

i tried to take look at it, to see if i can help, but i am not sure
with result. I was going by this way:

1, http://alioth.debian.org/projects/debian-l10n
2, http://alioth.debian.org/scm/?group_id=30358
3, http://alioth.debian.org/scm/browser.php?group_id=30358

but this repository has only some txt and dia files.

Then i find this repo

Is this one the proper and actual?

In it i see, that it is the bash script(s) (i was wondering about perl),
then i can contribute, but i never contribute to the alioth, then i will
need some help with this, and I am don't well experienced with git too (i
know only clone repo), then i will need some patient mentor :-)



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