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RRD graphs of l10n stats over time moved to i18n.debian.org

As the last bit of move to i18n/l10n services to a new machine, I
completed the move of RRD graphs of translation completion over time.

These graphs, originally prepared by Nicolas François, haven't
received a big publicity up to now and maybe are ignored by many

So, the move is a good opportunity to  put some light on them..:-)

Please notive that these graphs are mostly made of quite "raw" data
and are not nice and fancy web pages with tons of statistics and
colors. Indeed, they are meant to build such pages but the work is
still to be done.

The top URL is http://i18n.debian.org/l10n-rrd

From there, you will find statistics for "unstable" (packages taken in
unstable), "testing" (packages taken from testing) and "unstableBTS"
(the same than "unstable" but taking into account translations
reported in the BTS as if they were fixed in package).

For instance:

represent the progress of Danish for debconf translations over one
year time. Here you can see the big work of the Danish team towards
100% completion (and a bit of my NMU work also..:-))!

represents the progress of German translations of software in Debian
over one year time.

There is a lot that can probably be done in the future with this data.

So, as of now, the new i18n|l10n server hosts all services, except the
DDTP and DDTSS that are still running on the "old" server, hosted in

Martijn van Oosterhout is actively working on moving the DDTP and
DDTSS. See http://wiki.debian.org/I18n/DDTP2 for more details.


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