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Re: DDTP new machine update


This one time, at band camp, Christian PERRIER said:
> Quoting Stephen Gran (sgran@debian.org):
> > > I pushed your patch. Not sure if we have anything else to do
> > 
> > I have no idea where you've pushed things to or what effect it's meant
> > to have, but I'm fairly sure these machines aren't set up to install
> > things out of a git tree or anything.  Can you maybe tell me what it is
> > you're intending to happen and we can work out a way for something at
> > least semantically equivalent to happen?
> During the Paris sprint, we created a git repo in debian-l10n git on
> Alioth, named "debian.org". From my understanding, it is linked in
> some way to whatever you DSA folks use as reference for
> pseudo-packages such as "debian.org-i18n.debian.org". So I added
> packages needed by Partijn there, pushed changes to debian-l10n git,
> but there stops what I know should be done.
> I guess Felipe has more understanding of these things. Hopefully,
> he'll followup soon.

Aha, that makes sense.  I don't think anything automatic has been set up
(and deployment of new versions is certainly not automatic).  I think
you'll need to send a pull request as part of your workflow when you
update your git repo.  If no one beats me to it, I'll try to pull when
I'm off the train and have better signal.

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