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Re: DDTP new machine update

Quoting Stephen Gran (sgran@debian.org):

> > I pushed your patch. Not sure if we have anything else to do
> I have no idea where you've pushed things to or what effect it's meant
> to have, but I'm fairly sure these machines aren't set up to install
> things out of a git tree or anything.  Can you maybe tell me what it is
> you're intending to happen and we can work out a way for something at
> least semantically equivalent to happen?

During the Paris sprint, we created a git repo in debian-l10n git on
Alioth, named "debian.org". From my understanding, it is linked in
some way to whatever you DSA folks use as reference for
pseudo-packages such as "debian.org-i18n.debian.org". So I added
packages needed by Partijn there, pushed changes to debian-l10n git,
but there stops what I know should be done.

I guess Felipe has more understanding of these things. Hopefully,
he'll followup soon.

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