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Re: DDTP new machine update

This one time, at band camp, Christian PERRIER said:
> Quoting Martijn van Oosterhout (kleptog@gmail.com):
> > - The website isn't ready yet because of some missing packages and
> > there is no SSL certificate yet. There are some outstanding RT tickets
> > about these things. I can't check them myself but if you're a DD you
> > should be able to find them.
> This is RT #3899. It hasn't seen much action sice June 20th. Let's
> (very gently) prod our nice DSA team.

I'll take a look at the SSL cert.  It will be signed by ca.debian.org
(which is in turn signed by the SPI CA).  I hope this works for your

> > - Deployment of the new python DDTSS system is also stalled on missing
> > packages. I've attached a patch which should go on the
> > debian-l10n/debian.org.git repository. These packages need to also be
> > installed. I'm afraid I'm not entirely clear who has permissions to
> > actually do this though.
> I pushed your patch. Not sure if we have anything else to do

I have no idea where you've pushed things to or what effect it's meant
to have, but I'm fairly sure these machines aren't set up to install
things out of a git tree or anything.  Can you maybe tell me what it is
you're intending to happen and we can work out a way for something at
least semantically equivalent to happen?

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