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Re: package description translation bug

On  6.07.12, Martin Eberhard Schauer wrote:

> >>  isomath -- Mathematics "for scientists" (conformant to ISO 31).
> >>
> >>with the German translation:
> >>
> >>  isomath - Mathematik »für Wissenschaftler« (konform zu ISO 31).
> >>
> >>The correct German term for "scientists" in this context is
> >>"Naturwissenschaftler" (I am very sure on this, as the upstream
> >>description is a translation of the German title:
> >>
> >>   isomath - Mathematik für Naturwissenschaftler
> >>
> >>even if the German title is not published anywhere.)

> >My German is quite far away but isn't the *english* description wrong,
> >in such case?
> >
> >"Naturwissenschaft" is more restrictive than just "science", isn't it?

My dictionary says:

  Wissenschaft {f}; Naturwissenschaft {f} :: science
the idea was to point to science vs. mathematics.

> you are right. The correct translation is natural scientist. But in
> this case the correct action should be a bug report to upstream -
> the author of the TeX package.

I am the author of the TeX package and I have taken the point. I got
in touch with the maintainer of the TeX catalogue, the upstream
description will change to something less ambiguous.



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