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package description translation bug

Dear Team,

how can I report a bug in the package description translation?

* The package maintainers seem not to be able to influence the
  translations (this is what I was told in a private mail).
  This means reporting as bug of the described package seems inappropriate.

* Bugs in package debian-i18n seem to be related to the DDTP system, not to
  single translations.
Use case:

The package texlive-math-extra contains one of my contributions to CTAN.
The description of Debian package describes it as

 isomath -- Mathematics "for scientists" (conformant to ISO 31).
with the German translation:

 isomath - Mathematik »für Wissenschaftler« (konform zu ISO 31).

The correct German term for "scientists" in this context is
"Naturwissenschaftler" (I am very sure on this, as the upstream
description is a translation of the German title:

  isomath - Mathematik für Naturwissenschaftler

even if the German title is not published anywhere.)



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