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Re: package description translation bug

  isomath -- Mathematics "for scientists" (conformant to ISO 31).

with the German translation:

  isomath - Mathematik »für Wissenschaftler« (konform zu ISO 31).

The correct German term for "scientists" in this context is
"Naturwissenschaftler" (I am very sure on this, as the upstream
description is a translation of the German title:

   isomath - Mathematik für Naturwissenschaftler

even if the German title is not published anywhere.)
My German is quite far away but isn't the *english* description wrong,
in such case?

"Naturwissenschaft" is more restrictive than just "science", isn't it?

you are right. The correct translation is natural scientist. But in
this case the correct action should be a bug report to upstream -
the author of the TeX package.

BTW, translating TeX descriptions really suck. There are gazillions
of headlines taken from the CTAN. Often one has to take a look at
the CTAN catalogue to make a sensible translation. But this is worth
a thread on its own :-(


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