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Re: False positive: sr_RS not a language code

Quoting Benjamin Drung (bdrung@debian.org):
> Hi,
> The Audacity l10n status reports shows following warning:
> gettext: locale/sr_RS.po: sr_RS not a language code
> This is a false positive. 'sr' is the Serbian language and
> 'RS' is the region for Serbia. You can look it up on IANA [2] or the
> gettext manual [3-4].

On the other hand, I see no reason for a translation for Serbian to be
named as "sr_RS.po". It should be "sr.po".

(and, yes, I'm aware of the local "discussions" that may arise from
time to time between Serbian language speakers about the "variants" of
the language....but, still, using the region part of the locale is
most often a bad idea to cope with variants. This file should be
renamed as "sr.po").

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