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Re: ddtp: prototype with fuzzy and diff

2011/8/31 Michael Bramer <grisu@debian.org>:
>You see a new description of bitlbee-dev, without any german
>translation. But the system found some stuff and insert it as template
>for your new translation... (the <fuzz> parts)

Can you add a link or hint from which package the template came from?
It could help to improve the translation of other paragraphs.

>>> One direct Question:
>>> Is the diff-output enough? Or should we also display the full
>>> description and the translation of both version? (the output will be 5
>>> times longer...)
>> maybe a link to see that descriptions in a new page/pop up can solve
>> this problem.
> https://ddtp.debian.net/screenshots/ddtp-new-web-20110831-fuzzy-with-diff-long.png
> I add a '(toggle full show)' show the full text after the diff-output.

To me seeing the full diff is quite helpful, so adding a per user
option to always show the full diff would be great (and probably save
me many clicks).

All in all it looks quite good, and I'm looking forward to have the
new features for the live version. Thanks for your (and all the
others) work on this.


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