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Re: ddtp: prototype with fuzzy and diff

On 30/08/2011 01:16, Michael Bramer wrote:


You see a new description of bitlbee-dev, without any german
translation. But the system found some stuff and insert it as template
for your new translation... (the <fuzz> parts)


The system know some old version of this description (id 48846 and
76176). You can click on the links, and you will see a extra item with
the diff of the english description and the translation, see:


very interesting

Some comments?

the fuzzy translation are generate on the fly or are they stored in the database? How can one predict if an untranslated paragraph have or not a fuzzy translation?

This can be useful to understand how much must be translated from zero.

One direct Question:
Is the diff-output enough? Or should we also display the full
description and the translation of both version? (the output will be 5
times longer...)

maybe a link to see that descriptions in a new page/pop up can solve this problem.


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