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Re: DDTP statistics and Translation-xx.bz2 files


On 26-07-2011 23:38, Christian PERRIER wrote:
Quoting Martin Eberhard Schauer (Martin.E.Schauer@gmx.de):
there are some things that I don't understand:

- There are translation statistics for etch, lenny, squeeze, wheezy
  and sid (1). Etch is archived and not actively maintained. Although
>>   there is the possibility that a new translation for some package
>>   may be effective for former releases, I don't understand the need
>>   for the etch statistics.
- Lenny is still maintained, but the last lenny statistics update was
>>   at 22-Jul-2011. The update for etch was abandoned, too.

I actually stopped the generation of statistics for both of these at
that exact date.

We should probably remove them from the DDT* pages.

	Or have historical pages so we can "consult" the past. :)
	But that's not something for now.

- There are no post-release updates for the Translation~ files.
  However, at least the most active translation teams still increase
>>   the number of translations for stable and oldstable. Why can't
>>   there be new Translation~ files for point releases?

Please understand that we're still in the process of reappopriating
the whole thing. Nicolas, Felipe as well as Martin Bagge and Michael
Bramer are doing great work, here, to get our hands back on the DDT*.

So, the point is not (yet) about adding extra features. There are
several work underway, such as really starting the work to move all
i18n.d.n stuff on a debian.org machine, cleaning out the DDT*
directories, trying to understand the logic behin d all maguc things
that run on this server, etc, etc.

In short, not sure that anyone is currently able to answer your

	Actually, this is an historical decision.

	In 2008 when we implemented the unstable/testing integration
with the archive and we discussed about the stable/oldstable updates.
At that point and still today, stable updates depend on Release Team
and some more integration and test.

	So we didn't stop to play with that integration and we didn't
poke the different teams and individuals to have it tested and in
production and nobody else stop to do that. :)

	Indeed, we know that several teams do update different parts,
but back at that time was a minor problem compared with the effort to
have DDTP published.

	Now that DDTP is published, is working and we have users
consuming, we are moving towards that next step which involves not
only the clean up but also the refactoring of code, service and

	In that sense, providing stable and oldstable point releases
is certainly on our TODO and wishlist, but they are not priority now.
Of course, if somebody jump in and articulate it, specially considering
our short and long term changes, they are more than welcome.  We are in
the process of committing everything to debian-l10n SVN and providing
packages, so people can help/interact.  Just remember to keep in sync
with us to not duplicate work or lost invested work hours.

Kind regards,
Felipe Augusto van de Wiel (faw) <faw@funlabs.org>

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