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Re: DDTSS accepts translations prematurely

On Thursday 30 June 2011, at 10:00 +0200, You wrote:


> The DDTSS does not always adhere to the preset number of proof-readers for a
> specific language, accepting translations earlier.

I can add that this happened with the Italian language too. I can
recall at least 3 instances of this happening.

> His explanation is that perhaps two people from the system's point of view
> "simultaneously" declare their agreement. His impression is that after some
> time without review the number of required proof-readers is reduced. He
> wonders if it is a programming error or intentionally implemented.

When it happened for the Italian team there were always a lot of pending
reviews so my first theory was that after a specific amount of
descriptions in the translation process the number of reviewers was
lowered to 2. Though I couldn't detect a "magic" number of reviews that
makes this happen. 

Your "time" theory seems a good guess, but I also can add that at least
here it seems to "come and go"; I mean for a period of time, every
description -old or new- seems to need only 2 reviewers, then the things
go back to normal and all the descriptions need 3 reviewers again.


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