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Re: i18n work session to deal with DDT{P|SS} problems and move i18n.debian.net to DSA

Quoting Nicolas François (nicolas.francois@centraliens.net):

> I've no real knowledge of DDTP/DDTSS (apart from restarting churro).
> There is also the pootle packaging issue, for which I'm seriously lacking
> time.
> Regarding other services on Churro, the main issue for me is that the
> robots are not provided as a set of Debian packages.
> They do not seem to behave nicely when the disk is full. Which should not
> occur that often anymore.
> Many new features (or need for new robots) were identified a few years
> ago, but I do not think there is an urgent need for these.

OK, thanks for your answer, Nicolas.

As you point out, we still could make good use of you if you attend
this meeting..:-)

Particularly, we could make good progress on the "move churro to DSA"
topic. FOr that one, the other person we need is of course Felipe who
did most of the setup work and was working to prepare the move to DSA
up to last summer.

So, in short, the last "yes" I need to tick if Felipe's..:-)

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