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Re: i18n work session to deal with DDT{P|SS} problems and move i18n.debian.net to DSA


On Tue, Feb 01, 2011 at 07:02:09AM +0100, bubulle@debian.org wrote:
> Stefano agreed later on, with his DPL hat, that this is a valuable
> goal. He even proposed to host such work meeting in the Center for
> Research and Innovation on Free Software (IRILL) in Paris.
> However, for this to happen, I would ideally need to have Felipe,
> Nicolas, Michael "Grisu" and Martijn (plus any other volunteer).
> Is there a possibility (assuming that your travel and hosting expenses
> are covered) for you guys to participate to such a meeting. Given the
> current situation for i18n.d.n, it's pointless to organize it if you
> can't be here.
> No need to set it up urgently. Some week-end in March, April or even
> May would be fine.

I've no real knowledge of DDTP/DDTSS (apart from restarting churro).

There is also the pootle packaging issue, for which I'm seriously lacking

Regarding other services on Churro, the main issue for me is that the
robots are not provided as a set of Debian packages.
They do not seem to behave nicely when the disk is full. Which should not
occur that often anymore.
Many new features (or need for new robots) were identified a few years
ago, but I do not think there is an urgent need for these.

Locking me in a room would help me planning / booking time for this work.
Except for this reason, the main reason for such a meeting would be to
train other people to the maintenance of Churro.

Except for May 21-22 (and February), I can currently make sure to stay in
Paris for the week-end.


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