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Call for Updates to Translations


 As you all hopefully know, the upcoming weekend will be the squeeze
release. We are in preparation of the website for the release, both the
new design but also the textual parts. To ease translation work we
started to use the <if-stable-release release="squeeze"> containers so
that we can offer the text right ahead and get it displayed only after
the release of squeeze.

 Please try to update the central pages of the website in a timely
manner before the weekend so that we have mostly current information
available for our users. Be reminded that the translation status pages
can help you immensly with the job, handing you direct links to the
diffs in preferred format and also to the logs to check what the changes
did include: <http://www.debian.org/devel/website/stats/>, and follow
the link for your language.

 Thank you all for your enormous and continuous effort on the
translation work, and if you like to check the new design in your
language too, go to <http://www.deb.at/> and please report any
awkwardnesses you notice there, either here on the list or on
#debian-www on irc.debian.org.

 Please try to avoid discussions that would involve deeper changes to
the overall design, this isn't only about www.debian.org but also other
services that the Debian project offers, so even things that might look
minor to you might mean deeper thoughts and efforts from several people
who already got their heads burried deep within a lot of work. Do *not*
throw away such ideas though, keep them for after the release, maybe a
page in the wiki should be created. . o O ( I thought we had one
already, maybe someone could refresh my memory? Unable to find it ... )

 Thanks again for your enormous help, it's truly appreciated!
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