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Re: i18n work session to deal with DDT{P|SS} problems and move i18n.debian.net to DSA

On 2011-02-01 07:02, Christian PERRIER wrote:
> On the other hand, whatever is the situation wrt general system
>> administration on churro, we also need someone to take a *close care*
>> of the DDTP/DDTSS. Someone really knowing how things are organized and
>> working together. As already written, I know about three people who
>> fit this (or part of this) definition: Grisu, Nicolas François and
>> Martijn van Osterhout (DDTSS author).

I've already offered to help with working with DDTP/DDTSS as long as I
am not the only one.
As I have close to no experience in the system at all I would also need
some kind of planning for things to do and orders and such.
Just sayin' it again =)


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