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Re: DDTP translations for lenny but not for squeeze/sid?

I stumbled about a possible problem when checking DDTP translations for bind9.
The translations are not dropped, but they are quite new and only
a few translations: de, ja, it, pl.
I don't know a way for checking how long a description was in the DDTP
server but knowing that it is there for a Lenny version in French
(please note: I always was talking about the French translation in my
previous mail!) I simply assume it exists for some time.  The question
is for what reason it was not just taken over for later versions of the
package.  (I don't question that there are reasons - I just want to know
these if there are some.)
I think that is it a misunderstanding. You put the focus on the
french translation and I was talking about the infrastructure
in general that works.
I was not grepping just the short descriptions.  I wanted to provide a
quick and simple proof of my statement that a French bind9 translation
was just there and is not any more.  As I said I'm importing complete
translations into UDD but wanted to spare you the UDD details here on
this list.
I missed that point.
There are three versions for bind9.


This Description was in lliurex_gaia from 2008-08-15 to 2011-01-13;
This Description was in squeeze from 2009-02-16 to 2011-01-13;
This Description was in etch from 2005-07-16 to 2011-01-13;
This Description was in sid from 2005-07-16 to 2009-12-17;
This Description was in lenny from 2007-06-14 to 2011-01-13;

It has 14 translations.

is an intermediate version with 8 translations.


Source: bind9 <http://ddtp.debian.net/ddt.cgi?source=bind9>
Package: bind9 <http://ddtp.debian.net/ddt.cgi?package=bind9>
Versions: bind9 (1:9.7.2.dfsg.P3-1)
Prioritize: 50
Description: Internet Domain Name Server

This Description was in squeeze from 2010-12-11 to 2011-01-13;
This Description was in sid from 2010-12-06 to 2011-01-13;
I have no idea what you want to prove with this and in how far this
is related to the French translation.
I wanted to explain the situation.
This fails the problem I wanted to underline: There was a translation
which was lost.  You willnot solve this by asking for additional
Currently there is low traffic on
Bind9 was already queued for translation. Now somebody has
to approve my removal of the paragraph separator.

Kind regards

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