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Re: ISO-3166 changes

Quoting Tobias Quathamer (toddy@debian.org):

> Dear Christian,
> as you're aware, the package iso-codes is normally updated once a month,
> the next upload would be on January 1st. Should I proceed as usual with
> the upload, or would that ruin the D-I statistics? As we're in really
> deep freeze now, translation updates are no longer accepted for
> migration to testing, although I've seen at least one package getting an
> exception from that rule.
> In short: to upload or not to upload, that is the question. ;-)

I suggest you upload but don't ask for testing transition. Later on,
in squeeze lifetime, we maybe can ask for iso-codes to enter the list
of packages that would qualify for content update in stable....but,
just in case we would need to rebuild and upload localechooser before
D-I RC1 is released, I think it would be better to not have iso-codes
with the new ISO-3166 codes in squeeze.

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