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Re: Ntop Debconf translation status/plan?


Il giorno 22/dic/2010 08.54, "Christian PERRIER" <bubulle@debian.org> ha scritto:
> Oh, what a nice Christmas gift from the ntop maintainer....an
> uncoordinated upload with debconf templates changes. (s)he is right as

I am a comaintainer of ntop. Debconf strings are not stable yet, so do not work on it.

We will send a proper translation request once its ready.

> several teams were very close to hit the 100% mark in unstable, we
> could have gotten bored during the Christmas holidays (hint: this is sarcasm).

Sorry for withdrawing the gift :)

> Thankfully, that version will never enter testing, I would veto any
> attempt to do so.

This version of ntop was never meant to go to testing (and never will four squeeze).

> Anf, of course, we'll review the templates. Expect the usual review
> process to start soon, so don't work on ntop translations.

As I said templates might change...
discussion about how to handle some configuration is still going on.

Thanks for catching the new untranslated package,

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