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troubles in paradise ;) Re: Regression for 100% target for debconf templates: no hope to ever reach it in a near future

Hi Christian,

On Mittwoch, 24. November 2010, Christian PERRIER wrote:
> At least for unstable, it is now clear that no language will reach
> 100% by the time squeeze is release. 

I think if languages reach this goal for squeeze it is *totally awesome*. Sid 
is _always_ in development, after all... :)

And even if languages "only" reach 99% I think it is quite very very awesome 

And, in this case, darcsweb, has 38 installations in popcon. Not many people 
will really notice... 

(IOW: dont get _too_ stressed about it when some people dont care about 
translations sometimes. An universal OS has many many packages from many 
different people with many goals, whether you (all who work on this) reach 
99,98% or 100% is not as important as the fact that you are aiming for 
perfection (and much more), which is again awesome! IMHO.)

Big thanks and kudos to everybody working on i18n!

	Holger, who will celebrate greatly when Debian Edu will be 100% Debian and
		not 99.972% like it is today and who will probably never see the day
		when sid is 100% clean on piuparts.debian.org :-)
		IOW: I know how fascinating it is to watch numbers...

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