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Regression for 100% target for debconf templates: no hope to ever reach it in a near future

At least for unstable, it is now clear that no language will reach
100% by the time squeeze is release. Indeed, a new package was
uploaded with debconf templates, no review of templates and no call
for translations.


So, once again, I'll contact this maintainer, propose a review, a call
for translations, do everything for him|her, all this will last for
one month and while I'm doing this, it's likely that squeeze is
released....or Yet Another Maintainer uploads Yet Another Package with
Yet Another Debconf Template.

Kinda discouraging.

Name of the package: darcsweb. Please don't work on translating it,
I'll launch a review of English templates.

I still have some hopes to reach 100% for a few languages in squeeze
but that would require some action by the maintainer of the udev


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