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Re: Intent to NMU or help for an l10n upload of deborphan to fix pending documentation l10n bugs

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Le 19/11/2010 10:41, Carsten Hey a écrit :
> Hi David,

Hi Carsten,

Thanks for your (always) quick answer.

> * David Prévot [2010-11-19 09:18 -0400]:
>> The i18n team is now hunting the very last bits of missing localization
>> and your package went on our radar.

> if you NMU deborphan, please tell me under which distribution (sid,
> lenny, ubuntu x.y, ...) you built the tarball to minimize the diff of
> the newly generated configure file between your upload and future ones.

The goal is to build it in Sid in order to make it go to Squeeze, while
l10n upload are still accepted by the release team.

> There is a script "release" in the tools directory in the svn
> repository,

Thanks for the hints.

> By the way, there are some additional minor l10n related bugs like
> falsely spelt option names or wrong indentation of --help output, but
> these are hard to find.

I may try to find some, any hints welcome (which languages, which
options, etc.).

> You have three options:
>  * NMU now.
>  * Wait for a maintainer upload (which needs to happen this months
>    anyway to fix multiarch).

Sounds great. Since you already fixed l10n issues since 1.7.28, like the
encoding problem in French manual pages (for which I already sent an
updated PO file), and that most of the l10n bugs are already tagged
pending, I'm pretty sure you have a far more advanced version in your

If that's OK, I'll go on with a ten days translation round in order to
update already existing translation and even get some new ones. I'll
welcome the up to date POT files in order to do so.

>  * Apply for membership on the deborphan alioth project, copy


>    tags/1.7.28 to tags/1.7.whatever, commit your changes, NMU to
>    delayed/10 or 11 so that it will hit unstable on 30th of November if
>    I don't upload before this date (which won't happen, but this way you
>    can be sure that the l10n updates will hit unstable).

Sounds interesting too, since the l10n fix should be independent,
working in the same VCS might should make it easier to chery-pick the
translation update in your trunk anyway.

We may continue discussing the packaging stuff in a more accurate
mailing list, or even privately if that's OK with you.



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