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clamav: Bug report about wrong description in debconf question

Hi i18n people,

We (as in clamav team) got a bug report about a wrong/misleading description for
one of the debconf questions we are possible asking the user. It's #602840 [1] -
we'll have to deal with getting the previous config values updated ourselves,
but by question to you is: Should we currently refrain from updating the
question text for the benefit of an (almost) fully localized squeeze release,
but at the cost of misleading our users?

I'd like to add that clamav has a chance of being updated even after the release
of squeeze. Of course, this means that both updated translations as well as the
bugfix itself could possibly be delayed.

Best regards,

PS.: Please keep pkg-clamav-devel CC'ed. Thanks!

[1] http://bugs.debian.org/602840

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