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Re: Installation Guide translation needed: (forw) kFreeBSD Hardware support part of the Debian Installation Guide

G'day all :)

<Clytie briefly appears out of the fog¹ again>

On 15/09/2010, at 2:31 PM, Christian PERRIER wrote:

> Please note that translations for the Installation Guide need update
> after changes have been committed to the D-I SVN.

I just updated administrivia.po and boot-installer.po, but the only changed strings were about credits, and one insert in an accessibility sentence. Are there supposed to be new/changed strings about kFreeBSD? If so, they haven't shown up in my files.
> We're still in the dark after Frans Pop's loss abou tthe way we'll
> handle updates for the installation guide, translation freezes, etc.

Frans is gone? :((
> We'll do at best, certainly. Anyway, for those of you who are managing
> the various translations please update them....that will not hurt...:-)

D-I strings are noticeably less painful than others (less typos, grammatic errors and cryptic strings). ;)
> (and I really wish all translation teams would use gettext for
> installation-guide...having a dual way to handle this is just a little
> more PITA: we really don't need that, frankly speaking)

This is historical, isn't it? po4a made the conversion more viable at some point. I know I much prefer using gettext, because I have all the tools available, especially for updating and checking strings.

How difficult or time-consuming would it be to convert currently non-po languages to gettext?

from Clytie 

Vietnamese Free Software Translation Team

1. If you're not seeing this fog, it exists in my head. ;)

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