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Installation Guide translation needed: (forw) kFreeBSD Hardware support part of the Debian Installation Guide

Please note that translations for the Installation Guide need update
after changes have been committed to the D-I SVN.

We're still in the dark after Frans Pop's loss abou tthe way we'll
handle updates for the installation guide, translation freezes, etc.

We'll do at best, certainly. Anyway, for those of you who are managing
the various translations please update them....that will not hurt...:-)

(and I really wish all translation teams would use gettext for
instalaltion-guide...having a dual way to handle this is just a little
more PITA: we really don't need that, frankly speaking)

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I have commited (r64720) fixes and a bit of triaging for the kFreeBSD
Hardware support part in the Debian Installation Guide: replacing Linux
with kFreeBSD where it makes sense, dropping apparently Linux-specific
sections, enabling what I know apply to kFreeBSD.

There are however quite a few places which are mostly unknown to me:
typically, are SATA Disk/CDROM supported?  I guess the answer is yes,
but there are a lot of questions like this which need correct answers.

Basically, I'd say: read the i386/amd64 version of the manual, and check
which sections should be included also in the kfreebsd equivalents.


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