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Re: i18n NMUs now that Squeeze is "frozen"?

Quoting Simon Paillard (spaillard@debian.org):

> > BTW, based on Christian's blog, the current target list of packages to
> > make the first 6 get to 100% is this one: wireshark, gnumeric,
> > tripwire, request-tracker3.8, bugzilla, tomcat6halevt, ifetch-tools,
> > isc-dhcp, foomatic-filters, mailgraph, gitosis, fts and qmail.

A few of these had moves from their maintainers recently:

- qmail is supposed to be uploaded "soon"
- halevt was NMU'ed by Jonathan Wilshire with maitnainer's consent
- request-tracker3.8 has been acked by its maintainer. He has changes
to do in debconf templates and will send another call for updates
- gitosis was uploaded by its maintainer

I don't really have packages in my NMU radar as of now as I want to
give these packages' maitnainers a chance to update themselves (all
bug reports are fairly recent).

Also, I'm working on some large French translation updates (dpkg
man!!!) and that eats lot of my time.

Of course, I'd welcome other people NMU'ing or preparing NMUs that I'm
OK to sponsor (however, please interact nicely with maintainers!).

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