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HELP: maint-guide translation proofing for zh_TW


I have updated maint-guide Chinese (TW) without decent Chinese fluency.
(I am a Japanese) I would like to get review by Native zh_TW user.

The document is published now at:


Basically, the following was done.

1. I took a new zh_CN translation. (maint-guide.zh-cn.po)
2. I run opencc to perform auto conversion from zh-cn to zh-tw
   (making po file in one line mode)
3. I run global string change in vim:

These computer term seems to be used in each locale.

If you find some idiom which needs to be changed, let me know.
Global string change suggestion in following format is the best:

 FROM autocoverted_wrong_text
 To   your_proposed_fixed_text

If you find content problem which can also be found in zh-cn at


Please let me know fix.


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