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Non friendly kde for internationnal user


kde does not seems to be friendly with internationnal user.

See bugs https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=165044 and

description of upstream bug show clearly the problem:
>Attached is a tar file with two folders with characters that aren't utf-8 encoded.
>If I open it with ark, it seems to guess the right encoding, and shows the special characters, ("Relatório" and "Código" -- the problem is in the 'ó').
>If I use dolpin tar:/... to navigate inside the file without extracting it, the special character just isn't shown (folders show up as Relatrio and Cdigo), but I can still navigate and see the >files inside the folders.
>Finally, if I extract the file (tar xvf <file>), and try to navigate inside the folders with the wacky names, I get an error saying The file or folder (...) does not exist, and It refuses to >delete them too.

Unfortunatly upstream refuse to fix this bug, that is really anoying
for internationnal user.

Forcing conversion to utf8 is not a solution (thinks cdrom and ro only media)


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