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Re: dokuwiki 0.0.20091225c-5: Please translate debconf PO for the package dokuwiki

Le jeudi 15 juillet 2010, Martin Bagge / brother a écrit :
> have you contacted the Swedish translator about this? Who was that?

Yes, I did: the Last-Translator was Daniel Nylander
<po@danielnylander.se>. I also contacted the Language-Team, Swedish
<tp-sv@listor.tp-sv.se>, which mail server seems to be out of order:
my server is still trying to deliver it from time to time.

> Swedish is mainly done by me and Martin Ågren, Daniel Nylander has moved
> on to new missions and I do most of his old translation work.
> I might have lost the file because of a recent mail problem but never
> the less I haven't seen a copy to debian-l10n-swedish about this. If
> possible, please send the file to me and I'll handle it.

Here it is: <http://vanvogt.ortolo.eu/~tanguy/deb/dokuwiki/po/sv.po>.

Tanguy Ortolo

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