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Debian Installer: end of string freeze

On Sat. July 10th, I ended the string freeze for D-I, ran a last sync
of translations and began uploading D-I packages (which lasted for
most of Sunday July 11th).

Before doing this, I deactivated three languages: Serbian, Welsh,
Wolof. These had absolutely no updates since the release of lenny and
I got no answer at all from their respective translators, despite
desperate attempts during the last week.

Please note that the string freeze was extended for one full week. I
have to say that I'm not entirely happy with the way some translations
are managed. Though the majority of translators are well following
debian-i18n and do their best to update their work when suggested to
do so.....a remaining group of languages are more loosely maintained
and I have to repeat private contacts over and over before I get a
chance to find someone wanting to update translations.

This is by far the most time consuming task about l10n coordination
and it requires up to 4 weeks of constant efforts, recurrent reminders
and more and more alarming messages....in order to see something

Still, we finally managed to have 65 supported languages in what will
becomes Debian Installer beta1 in a few weeks. Thanks a lot to all
people who worked on this.

Please notice that, at this time, all synchronization of translations
in level 1 are suspended.

Of course, now you guys can concentrate on levels 2 and 3. There's
always somethign to do!


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