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Re: Re-use openswan's translations for strongswan

On Friday 25 June 2010 06:49:06 Christian PERRIER wrote:
> I see that you sent a call for translation updates for strongswan
> where translation files are quite strongly modified.
> Indeed, I suppose that you picked openswan's recently reviewed debconf
> templates and then used them for strongSwan.
> I think that PO files from openswan should have been re-used before
> sending the call for translations. It's maybe too late but, still, let
> me explain how I would do that.
Ah, I should have thought of that, but didn't "dare" to modify the translated 
files directly. However, your approach seems to be completely correct, thanks 
for pointing it out. I'll do that when syncing the templates between openswan 
and strongswan the next time. 

It would actually be nice if there was some "meta-template" mechanism in 
debconf with placeholders where the package name would be replaced in the text 
blocks. Ah, one can dream.... ;-)

best regards,

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