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Bug#587122: debian-i18n: Please fix charset on robot webpages

Package: debian-i18n
Severity: wishlist
Tags: patch


There is some encoding default when parsing the BTS [1] while parsing
the mailing list is fine [2]. (I also added a link fix as advised by
brother- on IRC and another charset fix on pseudo-url.html).



This patch works fine with dl10n-spider (at least for Spanish and
French), but I didn't manage to test dl10n-mail (but I commented the
file where there might be some side effects). If there are unwanted
effects on dl10n-mail, it should be easy to add treatment for the
conditional "Encode::from_to($_, 'MIME-Header', 'utf8');" in it, and if
not, I'm willing to try and propose a less intrusive patch with a double
decode_utf8 in dl10n-spider.



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