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Re-use openswan's translations for strongswan

Hello René,

I see that you sent a call for translation updates for strongswan
where translation files are quite strongly modified.

Indeed, I suppose that you picked openswan's recently reviewed debconf
templates and then used them for strongSwan.

I think that PO files from openswan should have been re-used before
sending the call for translations. It's maybe too late but, still, let
me explain how I would do that.

Let's assume you put openswan's debian/po as openswan/ and
strongswan's as strongswan/. Then you create strongswan-new/

cd strongswan
for i in *.po; do
	if [ -f ../openswan/$i ]; then
		msgcat --use-first $i ../openswan/$i >../strongswan-new/$i
		cp $i ../strongswan-new/$i
	msgmerge --previous -U ../strongswan-new/$i templates.pot

With that process, I got much more things pre-translated for the
French translation and all I had to do finally was more or less
s/openswan/strongswan and re-check everything.

(I still had to copy/paste  a few strings from openswan's fr.po to
strongswan's but that was for only a few.....I estimate that I saved
about 30 minutes translation work and greatly minimized the risk of errors)


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