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Re: monotone 0.45: request assistance with upstream translation

Quoting Zack Weinberg (zackw@panix.com):

> As far as I know, all translation work to date (of the upstream
> messages, not the debconf templates) was done by various upstream
> maintainers, and I don't have any good way of finding out whether or
> not they're still active.  Looking at the last modification dates in
> upstream version control, it appears to me that the ja, pt_BR, fr, and
> possibly es translations are abandoned, but the it, sv, and de
> translations are not.  I apologize for not doing this check before
> posting the request.

OK, thanks for the analysis. Could you post the relevant headers for
these translation you consider abandoned so that the relevant team
"leaders" (Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, French, Spanish have active
teams in Debian) can get in touch with th currentl listed maintainers
to get their agremeent for taking the translation over?

We need "Last-Translator" and possibly "Language-Team".

(yes, I know we could apt-get source the thing...nut that's quite a
waste of resources and I'm pretty sure I will always forget to do
it...while I would more easily do the small bit of work if I have the
informaiton handy)

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