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Re: Review in progress: vsftpd debconf templates

Em Sexta, 27 de Fevereiro de 2009, Christian Perrier escreveu:
> The debconf templates for this package recently changed or were added.
> As a consequence, the Debian English localization team is proposing a
> complete review to the maintainer.
> When that review starts, another notice will be sent as a followup to
> this mail, announcing the intent of one of the Debian English
> localization team members to review the templates.
> It is likely that such review will trigger changes to templates.
> As a consequence, translation work on this package's templates is
> temporarily discouraged. Rushing out to update existing translations
> or adding new ones is likely to lead to more confusion than benefit.
> Calls for translations will be sent as soon as the review is complete.
> Thanks for your cooperation.


what is the status of this revision?

it has "done" in

but i didn't receive a call for translation...

is the underway showing in
the revised version of vsftpd ?

Américo Monteiro

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