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Re: Review in progress: vsftpd debconf templates

Quoting Américo Monteiro (a_monteiro@netcabo.pt):

> what is the status of this revision?
> it has "done" in
> http://i18n.debian.net/debian-l10n/english/en.by_package.html

Yes, because the BTS mail was sent recently, mentioning that bug
#520592 was sent as conclusion of the review.

As the tracking robot is similar to tracking robots for translaiton
updates, that "closed" the process for the English "translation" work.

> but i didn't receive a call for translation...

This is because I do not send calls for translations *immediately*
after sending the review bug report. This is meant to leave
maintainers some time to react in case they disagree with
something. Theoretically, they are CC'ed to all steps of the review
but experience showed that some of them only "react" when the bug
report comes in..:-)

So, I leave 2 days between the "BTS" step and the "CALL" step.

For vsftpd, the call for translations will be issued tomorrow.

> is the underway showing in
> http://www.debian.org/international/l10n/po-debconf/pt
> the revised version of vsftpd ?

No. you need to wait for the call for translations.

Unfortunately, the tracking robot currently stops at the BTS
step. After this, there are 3 more steps:

CALL: I issue the call for translation and translation udpates
REMIND: After 10 days, I send a reminder for translations that haven't
been updated
DONE: after 2 more days, I send the very final summary to the
maintainer (through the BTS, in the original review bug report).
Of course, then it's up to him|her to decide when to really upload...

These last 3 steps are only tracked on my machine as of now..:)

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