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Re: Kudos to translators

2009/2/15 Helge Kreutzmann <debian@helgefjell.de>
> Hello,
> I simply like to thank also the people who made these translation
> possible, by calling for updated translations and NMUing (Christian), by
> providing the appropriate tools (Nicolas), by handling the release
> notes so well (including much more time for translations than in Etch)
> (Martin) and the very well handled release annoucement translation
> process (Alexander).
> And of course all others, whom I probably forgot, but worked hard
> (behind the scenes) to keep the i18n process running so smoothly.


Greetings from the Malayalam localization team,

Thanks a lot to the whole i18n and l10n teams for making debian truly

Looking forward to helping debian reach more people, in their own language.

- Praveen
Swathanthra Malayalam Computing
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