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Re: Translating index terms in documentation, and some notes

On 04/02/2009, at 1:12 AM, Jens Seidel wrote:

On Wed, Feb 04, 2009 at 12:57:36AM +1030, Clytie Siddall wrote:
msgid ""
"Several devices designed to provide hardware speech synthesis are
now "
"supported by the installer, therefore improving its accessibility
for "
"visually-impaired users.  <indexterm><primary>visually-impaired

Where is the target text for the tag <indexterm> ? We translators need
to translate this tag text, to make it meaningful to users in our
community, but I'm a bit nervous about translating tag text without
knowing how it matches up with its target.

Do we just translate these terms in the doc files, then translate the
target text in later files?

There is no target text if I understand you correctly. The corresponding
text ("visually-impaired users") is just copied to the end of the
Release Notes together with a reference to this part of the text. The
text you will find at the end of the Release Notes does not occur
somewhere else (not even in the main text).

Thanks for the explanation, Jens. I was worried something would end up not making sense.

from Clytie

Vietnamese Free Software Translation Team

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