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Re: DDTSS it - seems that the fetch new description feature is stuck

On Saturday 06 December 2008, at 13:37 +0100, You wrote:
> That's really wierd. Simply put, the problem is that the
> it/packages/python tag is missing from the DB, and for some reason the
> fetching isn't adding it.

Everything seems to be working OK now. I see someone has translated
the python package and I tried fetching a new description and I got one
without any problems.

>  The wierdest is, that only you have reported any problems, yet if
> there were serious issues like this I'd be expecting *everyone* to
> complain. Instead, silence.

Weeeelll I have 3 possible explanations, not mutually exclusive *g* :
1 - that I'm more a pain in the a$$ than most *g*
2 - that I'm more dumb than most... and that could explain why I am not
able to find the button/switch/option to send a message to my
translation team 
3 - that most translator opted for a workaround that I too used for a
while - just fetch some descriptions by name using the "fetch specific
description" option.

Whatever it was, it's working now... so really thanks for looking into
this and fixing it so quickly.

Time to get back to translating...

Have a good weekend everyone.

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