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Re: [D-I Manual] New upload Monday 8 Dec. (was: Please check that preseed.{xml,po} is complete and correct!)

Some time last week I wrote:
> I have written a simple script that does a basic sanity check to see if
> changes may have been missed. That the script is necessary and works is
> demonstrated below: both languages I tested it on (Finnish and
> Brazilian) have multiple errors!

As mentioned before, the script works now for all translations (XML- and 
PO-based) and has been renamed to check-preseed:
$ ./scripts/check-preseed <language>

Now that the Spanish translation is also complete I plan to do the next 
upload of the Installation Guide on Monday (8 Dec.), so please run this 
check before then! Same goes for any minor fixes you may have for your 

After this upload there will probably a few minor changes in the manual to 
match late changes in the boot menu of CD images for i386 and amd64 (for 
example: selection of alternative desktops).


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