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Re: [D-I Manual] Please check that your translation of preseed.po is complete and correct!

On Tuesday 02 December 2008, Frans Pop wrote:
> -"d-i mirror/country string manual\n"
> +"d-i mirror/country string εισάγετε την πληροφορία με το χέρι\n"
> In general preconfiguration statements should *NOT* be translated, not
> even when they are real phrases or full sentences.

There are exceptions of course.

-"#d-i grub-installer/password-crypted password [MD5 hash]"
+"#d-i grub-installer/password-crypted password [MD5 해시]"

This is an example where translating "hash" is OK. Even "password" could 
be translated. Reason is that the user is supposed to replace "password 
[MD5 hash]" with an actual MD5 hash of his own password.

In some cases knowing what is right may be quite hard if you're not 
familiar with D-I. When in doubt, feel free to ask (preferably on this 
mailing list).

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