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Re: [D-I Manual] Please check that your translation of preseed.po is complete and correct!

(Sorry for all the replies to myself, but I'm kind of making this up as I 
go along.)

On Tuesday 02 December 2008, I wrote:
> For XML-based translations the risk is a lot lower as doc-check does
> show individual changes, but if there is demand it should not be too
> hard to modify the script to also support .xml files.

I decided that the script would be useful for XML-based translations as 
well. Maybe not so much the "completeness" check, but certainly the 
visual comparison.

Because of this the script has been renamed to 'check-preseed'.

I've also added support in the script for checking preconfiguration 
settings that have line continuations.
This shows a new item for Finnish which puzzled me a bit until I saw that 
the translation misses the first line of the setting...

I've also thought up some rules of thumb for when a setting can/should be 
- settings of type 'boolean' should never be translated
- a setting of type 'string' is normally free text entry, so the "value"
  will mostly an example value or a description of what can be entered;
  a description (examples: user name, password) can be translated; an
  example value can sometimes be translated or maybe localized, but only
  with care
- when the type is select or multiselect it should in principle NOT be
  translated, except if explicitly mentioned; in some cases, for example
  if the selection is from a list of mirrors, a value can be localized,
  but you should make sure that the value you use is a valid value in
  the list!

So now for _all_ translators of the Installation Guide: please run the 
script for your language!


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