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Re: Presentation about Debian's l10n effort

On Tue, Jul 22, 2008 at 09:58:07PM +0100, Miguel Figueiredo wrote:
> As this will be my 1st presentation about l10n I wish to have your inputs for 
> such presentation. 


> - What do you expect for such presentation? (topics to be covered...)

*How to get involved (i.e. via lists, or DDTS)
*Common caveats: Consistens translation, not word-by-word, keeping in
touch with the team for solutions (like common terms), do proof
reading (this you will need to say several times!) and get your text
proof read (probably even more important)
*What can be translated: d-i, web page, debconf, po, man pages, ...
and give hints about priorities

> - What data should be presented

Hey, our statistics, and we have lots of'em (web page, debconf, d-i,

> - Tips should be presented to the public

Tell them how to work with po files, this should be a good start

> - Stories about/around Debian's l10n effort

Oh, show the maps of coverage and highlight some countries with
special treatment (I think there was an news for Dzongkha, for example)

> After the presentation I will make it available for others to use on other 
> events.



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