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Re: about translation manpages


On Sat, Jul 12, 2008 at 11:03:23PM -0700, Rustam Rakhimov wrote:
> I want translate manpages, how I can do it that's my question for all

As already mentioned in the list, manpages are maybe not the part of
software with the most visibility, and which are the most useful for

If you really intend to translate manpages, there are already some
packages with a PO-based infrastructure:
 * dpkg, aptitude
 * manpages, manpages-dev
   You can have a look at the manpages-fr Debian package, which
   provides a PO-based infrastructure.
   This is a really HUGE task. Some pages are quite useful for users (the
   man section 5 for example, some are only useful for developers).
   Translators for these manpages will learn a lot (translation of all the
   system calls, and standard library calls)
 * Other common tools
   You can have a look at the manpages-fr-extra Debian package, which
   provides a PO-based infrastructure.
   It contains translation for the manpages of packages:
   at, bash, coreutils, cron, diffutils, dosfstools, e2fsprogs, findutils,
   glibc, grep, lilo, most, nfs-utils, openssl, procps, sysvinit, tar,
 * cups
   It is probably not very useful to translate all the manpages, but some
   of them can be very interested for users.
 * Some developer tools: debianutils, devscripts come to my mind.
 * po4a, po-debconf
   Those are maybe not very useful. They are developer tools.
 * shadow
   Some manpages may be worth being translated (e.g. passwd)

With those packages with an existing PO-based infrastructure, the main
task to provide a new translation is to provide an new PO file.
(If an existing translation exist in a non-PO format, I can help
converting it to PO)

Please let us know which manpages (or which kind of manpages you would
like to translate).

Best Regards,

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