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Re: An idea of a web portal:

On Thu, 2008-07-03 at 08:30 +0200, SZERVÁC Attila wrote:
> where users
>  - find translation requests
>  - download po files
>  - upload po files w/ a <form>, which automatically creates bug report

Such mechanisms are being developed (and some are available for testing)
but the full implementation needs to wait until after Lenny is released.
The plan is:

1. Visit a website to translate small numbers of strings or complete PO
2. Translated strings are submitted to language teams for verification.
3. Nominated person in the language team prepares a TDeb containing the
updated binary .mo file built from the updated PO file. (Teams can
decide whether to make partial updates or wait for a 100% PO file.)
4. The TDeb is uploaded directly to the Debian archive (locale
repository) so that no bug report or maintainer upload is necessary.
5. Custom-written tool (later due to be folded into apt/dpkg) installs
only the TDebs supported on any one machine and keeps them updated as
new ones are uploaded.
6. An as-yet-unfinished step provides the updated PO file for upstream
to include into the next release.

Most of the work on this has been happening recently in Emdebian (The
Embedded Debian Project) because we need TDebs really really soon (like
last year). Our implementation works but lacks widespread testing.


Some 1,600 TDebs have already been built, covering >30 locales.

During DebConf8 and the Debian i18n session in Extremadura, I hope to
work with Christian and others to finalise TDeb support, preparing the
necessary bug reports and implementation to get TDebs into Debian
unstable after Lenny.



Neil Williams

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