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Re: Translation

Quoting Esko Arajärvi (edu@iki.fi):

> > These statistics show Alastair McKinstry <mckinstry@debian.org> as a
> > Serbian translator. Maybe you should contact him?
> He has just translated the packages which concern languages Manx (or Gaelic, 
> spoken in the Isle of Man) and Gaeilge (spoken in Ireland) to quite many 

Yes, Alastair is definitely not a Serbian speaker. As Esko pointed,
his name appears as Last-Translator in a few packages (also iso-codes,
which he started as a project), but he's Irish and TTBOMK "only"
speaks English and Irish.

There is a Serbian l10n community in Ubuntu (because of of the Ubuntu
i18n "gurus" is Serbian) but I never succeeded in trying to build a
bridge...for instance to get D-I translated in Serbian.

The D-I Serbian translation have indeed their strings coming from
the localization of the Ubuntu installer....as a kind of start for
someone who would like to work on *Debian* l10n.

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